Trans-Wielkopolska Cycling Route


14, September 2020

Trans-Wielkopolska Cycling Route

A great way to travel by bike through the whole region and discover how different landscapes can be found in Wielkopolska. The Trans-Wielkopolska Cycling Route (Transwielkopolska Trasa Rowerowa, TTR) is 480 km long and links the northernmost and southernmost areas of Wielkopolska.

According to the ideas of its creators, the route has been divided into two sections: northern (200 km) and southern (280 km). Both start in the Poznań Bicycle Hub at the Malta Lake.

One route, two directions

The northern section exits Poznań and leads to Szamotuły, and then on through Obrzycko, Czarnków and Trzcianka to Piła. It ends in the town of Okonek – the northernmost town in Wielkopolska. Of course one may start cycling in Okonek as well! On your way you will see the Baborówko palace and its equestrian centre, the old castle in Szamotuły and palace in Orzycko. Being in Czarnków you cannot miss the old brewery and… its store. Around Piła you can leave bike for a moment and try one of the many kayak routes there.

The southern part leaves Poznań and leads to Koszuty, with a very interesting wooden manor and then to Środa Wielkopolska, where you may try the Środa Narrow Gauge Railway. The route passes the pristine areas of the Żerkowsko-Czeszewski Landscape Park. Further you will see a beautiful Gołuchów Castle and an unique wooden Palace in Antonin. The city of Kalisz deserves some more time, so spend one or two days there. Finally, the route leads to Kobyla Góra – the highest peak in Wielkopolska.