The Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska

14, September 2020

The Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska

Poland’s longest market waterway, stretching up to 700 km the Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska offers a lot of fun for all water sportsmen. It is perfect for kayaks and motor boats alike. Also, many marinas en route allow you to rent a house boat and spend a couple of lazy weeks on water without any problem.

Enjoy the moment!

The waterway is ca. 700 kilometers long and made up of the following: river Warta, river Noteć, some canals in the eastern part of the region and lake system connecting Noteć and Warta rivers. This way, the waterway creates a loop. It is estimated that a leisurely, relaxed motorboat cruise can last around two weeks; a month in a kayak. This does not include the time spent sightseeing and other activities (hiking, cycling, horse riding, nordic walking, water skiing, wakeboarding or mushrooming).

Not only sailing

The entire route has a few dozens of bridges, harbours and marinas capable of accommodating all of the types of vessels mentioned above. Most marinas are equipped with the basic comforts providing a space to dock, accommodation, catering, restrooms, and fuel, as well as access to electricity and other media. Most also guarantee the possibility of camping, picnicking and other forms of activity.

Sailing on the Ślesińskie Lake
You choose a boat or a kayak?

Apart from the Loop’s undeniable natural wonders, another stunning attraction are the many landmarks on the way. In Poznań one will find the traces of the beginning of Polish statehood. Owińska and Ląd have their beautiful Cistercian monasteries. In Obrzycko you may see an old railway bridge – a monument of technology and also a palace standing on the river bank. Another notable residence stands proudly in Sieraków – the Opaliński castle. Last but not least in Konin stands the Konin Pillar, the oldest surviving road sing in Central Europe.

River lock on Noteć


For information about the The Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska in English, check out the Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska Website in English.

Text: Jacek Y. Łuczak, Jacek Cieślewicz