Palace in Antonin

02, September 2020

Palace in Antonin

Located in southern Wielkopolska small village of Antonin once played a major role as a political and cultural centre of Wielkopolska. In the middle of a vast park stands a beautiful wooden palace built for prince Antoni Radziwiłł by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Once a hunting lodge the palace became prince’s favourite property and turned into a first class music salon.

The Antonin Palace (D. Bednarek)
Interior of the old hunting lodge (D. Bednarek)

Prince Antoni Radziwiłł served as a viceroy for the Poznań Province during German rule over Wielkopolska in the 19th century. Being an artist and a composer himself prince actively supported and invited famous musicians of his time, with Frederic Chopin being the most important. Chopin often gave concerts in Antonin and for some time private piano lessons to prince’s daughters.

Frederic Chopin’s visit to prince Radziwiłł

Every year the international piano competition “Chopin in Autumn Colours” is held at the Palace in Antonin. The palace offers a restaurant and guest rooms. Entrance to the park is free.

Text: Jacek Cieślewicz