Regional cuisine

Regional cuisine

Wielkopolska is a foodies’ paradise! The culinary traditions of our region are a perfect blend of the West and the East. Strong influence of German cuisine, some Eastern European flavours and a lot of regional creativity. You think Polish cuisine is only pierogi and żurek? Wrong! Right here we have some tips for you.

St. Martin’s Croissant

The iconic treat in Poznań. Traditionally served on the 11th November – on the Saint Martin’s Day, but nowadays available all year round. Semi-French cake filled with sweet white poppy seeds stuffing, raisins and almonds. Each year the people of Poznań eat 250 tons of that pastry.

Roast duck

Traditionally the fest dinner in many homes and the essence of Wielkopolska’s cooking art. The duck is stuffed with apples, seasoned with marjoram and roasted for two hours. Usually served with steamed dumplings (without filling) and red cabbage. Tastes great with local beer. For those less hungry many restaurants offer just duck breasts, but the real thing is half of a duck.

kaczka z pyzami

Pyry z gzikiem

Pyry z gzikiem – that term is obscure not only for foreigners but for many Poles as well, as this is an example of local dialect. To make it simple it is potatoes with cottage cheese. A simple but tasty dish. The potatoes are boiled and served with butter or linseed oil and the cheese is mixed with radish and chive. Found in traditional version or – as in the photo – a modern one.

Potato pancakes

Wielkopolska is sometimes called “The Land of Potatoes”. Well, it’s not all true, but yes our cuisine is full of potato dishes. One of the simplest are potato pancakes – crispy and full of flavour. Those can be served sweet or savoury, with cream and onion or with sugar. Sometimes potato pancakes may be a side dish for meat or thick, meat sauces. If you’re looking to DIY a recipe from Wielkopolska potato pancakes would be a great first choice.


Gray dumplings

The English word “dumplings” is used to call a whole variety of Polish dishes. You probably are familiar with the stuffed dumplings, but this is something complete different. They are made of potatoes , flour and eggs. Gray dumplings can be a side dish or a separate meal – served with greaves, onion and sauerkraut. They also taste great with any kind of meat sauce.

Pork knuckle

Definitely not an option for vegetarians and those on a diet, but meat-lovers will be delighted! That dish is simple, tasty and very rich in calories. Pork knuckle may be served in two styles. First one is boiled in water with spices and vegetables. The second one is roasted or grilled. In both cases it tastes best when served with potatoes, sauerkraut and mustard or horseradish.



Time for desert! The name faworki comes from a French word faveur, meaning a ribbon. Those simple cookies are made of flour, sugar, eggs, butter and cream, but instead of baking they are deep fried. Served with powdered sugar with coffee or black tea. One upon a time faworki were prepared by young ladies to show their cooking skills.