Narrow Gauge Railway in Środa Wielkopolska

średzka kolej powiatowa

02, September 2020

Narrow Gauge Railway in Środa Wielkopolska

Take a ride in a good old retro style! The narrow gauge railway in Środa Wielkopolska brings back to life times of steam engines and little trains strolling through the countryside. A 14 km long track, going from Środa Wielkopolska to Zaniemyśl is just enough for a one-hour-long romantic trip. On this train everything is in retro style! Not only the steam engines and old coaches with wooden seats, but also details like tickets, train signals and workers’ uniforms.

Parowozy podczas obsługi technicznej
Old steam engines at the depot
Maszynista i obsługa pociągu w lokomotywie
Meet the staff

The railway is the last remaining part of once much larger system, which purpose was to operate small towns and villages south from Poznań. A group of old trains enthusiasts managed to save the railway from dismantling and brought back regular train service. The Narrow Gauge Railway in Środa rides from late spring to early autumn, every weekend and also on demand for organised groups.

At the station in Zaniemyśl you may also visit a small museum. Finally, because there are multiple rides every day, you may stay in Zaniemyśl for a bit longer. The town i set on the shores of a beautiful lake. You may rent a boat, go sunbathing or just take a walk. Be sure to visit the Edward Island (Wyspa Edwarda) with a restaurant offering great cuisine and beautiful views.

Wyspa Edwarda restauracja
Summer menu at the Wyspa Edwarda Restaurant