Żerkowsko-Czeszewski Landscape Park

Żerkowski Park Krajobrazowy

28, August 2020

Żerkowsko-Czeszewski Landscape Park

The Żerkowsko-Czeszewski Landscape Park encompasses the area in the middle course of the Warta river nearby Żerków, Czeszewo (hence the name), Miłosław and Nowe Miasto. It serves to preserve the post-glacial landscape, formed during the last glaciation. The highest of the peaks are Łysa Góra (161 meters above sea level) and Góra Żerkowska (151 meters).

Żerkowski Park Krajobrazowy. Aleja starych drzew
Biking path in the park
River Warta in the morning

The park’s most precious areas are its oxbows and near-Warta riparian forests, including the rare elm-ash forests, seen in the so-called Uroczysko Warta. The “Czeszewski las” reserve is the first reserve in the Wielkopolska region, established at the beginning of the 20th century.

The near-Warta riparian forests and meadows are periodically flooded by the waters of the rivers Lutynia and Warta, which encourages the breeding and stay of many aquatic and mud birds. The great white egret, the red kite or the black stork can be observed here, as well as an abundance of white-tailed eagles and woodpeckers.

Church in Brzostek

The Lutynia river, flowing into Warta in the park area, is a great kayaking river. The same is true for Warta itself, which is a part of the Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska. The park is crossed by a vast network of hiking paths, cycling routes and nordic walking trails. The panoramic view of the park can be observed from the tower in Wolica Kozia. Another great activity is the offer of the forestry educational center in Czeszewo or the ferry crossings in Czeszewo, Nowa Wieś or Dębno.

Text: Jacek Y. Łuczak
Translation: Kaja Kurczewska