Living Museum

27, June 2018

Living Museum

On Sunday, the 1st July we invite you to visit “Żywy Skansen” (Living Open Air Museum) at the Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park in Dziekanowice (20 km east from Poznań). During this event you’ll be able to witness how did our great-grandfathers lived over a 100 years ago.

Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park is an unique place, where you can travel back in time, to the era when life was simple, organized by the change of seasons and everyday work in fields or in a workshop. At “Żywy Skansen” that world will be brought back to life! The historic cottages and workshops will bustle with life, with embroiderers, basket makers, artists, shoemakers or blacksmiths working in them and showing their craft to the audience. You would be able to taste hand-made butter, bread from brick oven or home pickles. Everything made using traditional methods and recipes.

Also, you can visit the marketplace in the middle of the village. There you can get some traditional and organic food, hand-made decorations and jewelry or pottery that you won’t find anywhere else. Finally, there will be the artistic part, with folk bands and dancers on stage. A great way to have a glance on Wielkopolska folk culture!

Adults: 18 zł
Children: 10 zł

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