The Enigma Museum i Poznań

Wizualizacja projektu Muzeum Enigmy

15, November 2017

The Enigma Museum i Poznań

A brand new tourist attraction should have been ready till the end of 2019. The Enigma Museum, as it will be called, is meant to commemorate the great success of three brilliant mathematicians – Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski, who in the years before War World II managed to break the code of Enigma – an encryption machine developed by the Nazi Germany army. Their work, shared with the rest of the allies, greatly aid in the war effort and enabled to shorten the war by a few years.

However, it won’t be a traditional, static museum! The place is designed to be fully interactive and engaging. The goal is not only to bring back the war story, but also to popularise code breaking, encryption techniques and mathematics. A large share of the exhibition will be made up by numerous quizzes and puzzles. The new museum will occupy one floor of the old building of the Faculty of History, right in the city centre. The three mathematicians were working at the University of Poznań, which in prewar times was housed in the formal imperial castle – just opposite the street.

The project will be supported by EU funds. An agreement between the Marshal of Wielkopolska and the vice president of Poznań was signed yesterday, laying formal basis for the investment.