Piast Cycling Trail

16, September 2020

Piast Cycling Trail

The Piasts were the first royal dynasty of Poland, who ruled the country for four centuries. Over a 1000 years ago Wielkopolska was the cradle of the Polish statehood and it was the centre of political and military power of the first Polish kings. The Piast Cycling Trail allows you to follow their steps and combine it with some outdoor activities.


It is 104 km long and starts at the Poznań Cycling Trail Hub on the western bank of Lake Malta. Then, the route exits Poznań along the picturesque valley of the Cybina River and passes a couple of beautiful lakes leading to the east.

In Pobiedziska you may visit the Piast Route Miniature Park, with all the historical buildings shown in 1:10 scale and the Pobiedziska Medieval Stronghold, where everyone can become a medieval warrior for a one day. Then the trail goes to Gniezno, one of the most important places in Wielkopolska, where the 1000-years-old cathedral stands in which several kings of Poland were crowned. Fuurther, its course takes cyclists to Trzemeszno, with its incredible basilica and – a few km further – to the lookout tower in Duszno, with breathtaking panorama from the top.

You may end your journey in Mogilno, where bicycles can be easily loaded onto a train run by Koleje Wielkopolskie and taken back to Poznań.

The Piast Cycling Trail is marked with the abbreviation PTR on the map, and in the field by a black bicycle on a white background.


Text: Jacek Cieślewicz