Museum of Mills and Agriculture in Osieczna

06, July 2022

Museum of Mills and Agriculture in Osieczna

You say “windmills”, you think “the Netherlands”. Right? Well, mostly yes, but did you know that there are over 100 old windmills still standing in Wielkopolska? Although this is just a trinket of over 14 000 that used to stand in the region some 150 years ago, but still Wielkopolska has the most preserved old mill in all Poland. Some of them are just silent monuments of the past, but many others live to this day bringing up fabulous stories. The best place to hear them and discover what the life of a miller was is the Museum of Milling and Agriculture in Osieczna. Only 15 mins. drive from Leszno and less than an hour from Poznań is a place to spend a whole day!

Muzeum w Osiecznej
osieczna muzeum
Museum of mills in Osieczna

Every windmill has a name

Franciszek, Józef Adam and Leon are the names of three 200-years-old windmills from Osieczna. Each of them has been carefully reconstructed and two of them are open for public. What is more, the owners of the museum – being true woodcraft artisans – built another, brand new windmill for educational purposes. This one can be easily operated even by children.

Mind also some other attractions, like a miniature water mill, a herd of sheep and an apiary (yup, you can buy best Polish honey too!). You will also meet one of the local cats, often taking a nap somewhere on the museum grounds.

Life of a miller

A miller was an important figure in the past. Despite being a peasant he was rich, influential and could enjoy his life much more than a typical serf. Also, his daughter was often the best potential bride in the neighborhood! A miller was businessman and a man of craft. All those stories can be heard while visiting the museum. The owner, or one of the guides have tons of gags and anecdotes to tell.

Of course you can also experience everything by yourself. In the Museum of Mills in Osieczna you can join one of the workshops, make your own flour and even try baking your own bread or rolls. Don’t worry, you’ll be guided throughout the whole process. Even if you’re not full confident of your skills, there is a café, serving fresh bread, with home-made jam or lard or some pastries with seasonal fruits. All this comes with a lovely atmosphere of a family-run business.

The place is best accessible by car or a camper, however if you’d like there is a very convenient bicycle route from Leszno.