Gniezno Half Price

Deptak w Gnieźnie z katedrą w tle

21, September 2018

Gniezno Half Price

How visit one of the oldest cities in Poland and not get broken? We’ve got an idea! For two days (29 and 30 September) you may join the Gniezno Half Price event and enjoy restaurants, hotels, sport facilities and tourist attractions in reduced prices. Check out if the people in Wielkopolska are really as thrifty as the legend says.

Over 30 establishments take part in the event, including restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, hotels and other accommodations, a sport center and many tourist attractions, including those prepared especially for children. You may also visit the Museum of the Beginnings of the Polish State or the monumental Gniezno steam engine depot.

The event is organized by the city council of Gniezno and the Szlak Piastowski Tourist Organization. Every year it attracts hundreds of tourists, so it’s a good idea to plan your stay in Gniezno in advance.

For more information visit the Szlak Piastowski Tourist Organization website.