24, April 2021


Chodzież is one of the most beautifully located towns in Wielkopolska – in a basin surrounded by hills and three lakes: Chodzieskie, Strzeleckie and Karczewnik. Owing to its natural conditions it is often referred to as the Chodzieska Switzerland.

Lake in Chodzież
Forests surrounding the town

Since the 19th century, Chodzież has been famous for the production of porcelain. The first porcelain factory was established in the former Potulicki castle in 1852, but the beginnings of the craft in Chodzież go back to 1790, when the first manufactory was opened. Today the factory has been shut down, however the traditions remain. The porcelain is still produced under Chodzież brand in another factory in Ćmiełów.

Another interesting landmark in Chodzież is the St Florian church with its original Gothic features in the exterior and an interior which has been redesigned in the Baroque style. The church’s most precious artefact is its Baroque main altar with its life-sized statues of the apostles. The Chodzież market square, also noteworthy, has retained its Medieval street network.

chodzież domki tkaczy
The old part of Chodzież
jezioro chodzieskie
The lake in Chodzież

One of Chodzież’s tourist attractions are undeniably its three beautiful lakes. Lake Miejskie with excellent yachting, kayaking, water skiing and water motorsports is the most famous of the three. It hosts motor boat and jetski competitions in the rank of European and World Championships.

In the winter, the town fills with skiers. It is no mistake – Chodzież has a working ski slope with a ski lift on the Talerz hill. It is the largest natural ski resort in northern Poland, popular also in the summer among enthusiasts of mountain biking.

There are numerous hiking and cycling paths around Chodzież and its lovely forests are plentiful with mushrooms and forest fruits.