Regional products

Regional products

Looking for an original souvenir? Something your friends surely don’t have? We’ve got some tips for you, what could you bring home from your stay in Wielkopolska.

andruty kaliskie

Andruty Kaliskie

Traditional sweet wafers from the city of Kalisz, which tradition dates back over 200 years ago. They bear the European Protected Geographical Indication that guarantees that the only genuine andruty are made in Kalisz. They are available in many shops, the local tourist information centre and even on some petrol stations.


500 years of tradition are hidden in each bottle of Benedyktynka – a herbal spirit made by the benedictine monks from the Lubiń monastery. It’s distinguished not only by its unique taste but also health benefits (supports digestion and relieves stomach aches). The composition is made from 21 herbs, carefully selected by the monks. Benedyktynka is available in a shop next to the monastery or in other stores. Full list available here.


Fruit wine

Wielkopolska is not yet a leading wine region (however first wineries have already appeared) but there is a long tradition of producing fruit wines. Made from cherries, black currant, wild rose or pears they offer a whole variety of flavours. Look for high quality products, marked with the European Protected Geographical Indication. Fruit wine is often available during all king of festivals and fairs. In winter you may also try the mulled wine version.


Weaving baskets is as old as civilisation itself, but it was wicker that revolutionised that craft. Wicker traditions are especially strong in western Wielkopolska – around towns like Nowy Tomyśl, Zbąszyń and Międzychód. There you can buy wicker baskets in all sizes and shapes, from tiny table baskets to huge picnic ones. Of course you can always get yourself just a tiny wicker knick-knack. If the topic interests you, we encourage you to visit the Wicker and Hops Museum in Nowy Tomyśl.

Craft Beer

Craft beer experienced a true explosion a couple of years ago, with new small breweries appearing every year. In Wielkopolska you’ll find over 15 small and medium sized breweries, offering prime quality beverages – so different from those mass produced. From classic pilsner or ale to fancy sour IPAs or cocoa stouts – there is something for everyone. Be sure to taste two beer styles that have the longest tradition in Wielkopolska. The first one is Grodziskie – the only beer style created in Poland, with delicate smoky flavour and high content of CO2. The second one is Fortuna Czarne – black beer made of roasted malt with sweet and bitter taste.

Camelina and linseed oils

Once very popular, then a bit forgotten, now rediscovered by all fit-lovers. The camelina and linseed oils have long tradition in Wielkopolska. Both are an excellent garnish to salads or potatoes (not for frying!). They not only taste well, but also have many health benefits.


A jar of honey is always a good gift for anyone! Poland is a land of huge beekeeping traditions, and our honey is always natural and made with love (not like that fake honey sold in a supermarket for 1 pound per bottle). Wielkopolska has many apiaries offering a whole range of products. Taste them all, from delicate lime honey to the strong flavour of buckwheat honey. For the best honeys check out the green parts of the region, far away from cities. The Noteć river valley provides some of the best products, but also rural areas around Gniezno or Gostyń offer prime quality products. Look for road sings saying MIÓD (honey) or all kind of fairs, festivals and local markets.