Saint John’s Fair

Flaga powiewająca na tle ratusza.

09, June 2018

Saint John’s Fair

The oldest and the largest open air fair held in Poznań. The tradition can be dated back to the late middle ages, when yearly fairs became the very center of city’s commercial and social life. Today the Saint John’s Fair is a huge outdoor event, which combines trade, craftsmanship and culture. From 9th to 24th June 2018 the Fair will be open for public at the Old Market Square in Poznań. On dozens of traditional wooden stalls you may find whatever you imagine: traditional food (bio & eco!), craft beers, home-made spirits, all kinds of craftsmanship – from wooden figures to hand-made pottery, antiques, books and stylish clothes that you won’t get in any chain shop.

The Fair is always accompanied by numerous cultural events: concerts, street theaters and workshops (for children and adults). Full program should be available any day now, but if you’re planning a visit in Poznań, make sure you won’t miss the Saint John’s Fair.

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