Musica Sacromontana Festival

29, September 2018

Musica Sacromontana Festival

The end of September traditionally brings joy and excitement to all music-lovers, not only in Wielkopolska but also nationwide. It is because of the Musica Sacromontana Classical Music Festival, held yearly in the Holly Mountain Basilica in Gostyń (southern Wielkopolska). This year we celebrate its thirteenth edition and may say that it is one of the Autumn’s most important cultural events. The Holly Mountain Basilica is famous for its incredible acoustics and breathtaking atmosphere.

Starting from the September 29th four magnificent music evenings are to take place. All concerts shall represent the highest artistical level and allow the audience to listen to broad variety of compositions. On October 6th you would be able to rediscover an almost forgotten piano master Theodor Kullak, whose music is absolutely unique. We also strongly recommend the final concert on the 7tf of October, featuring maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk.

Full program is available on the Musica Sacromontana Festival website.

Admission to the festival is free! There is also a free parking lot available in front of basilica.

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