Steam Engine House in Wolsztyn

Parowozownia Wolsztyn

25, August 2020

Steam Engine House in Wolsztyn

A romantic journey on a steam train like in the good old times? Smoke clouds and train whistle like in a vintage film? Well, this is possible in Wielkopolska! In Wolsztyn – a town in the western part of the region – you can find the last working normal gauge steam engine house in Europe. The most amazing thing is that it serves not only for tourist purposes, but also operates regular trains from Wolsztyn to Poznań and from Wolsztyn to Leszno.

Parada Parowozów w Wolsztynie.
Steam Engine Parade
Parada Parowozów w Wolsztynie.
Steam engine in Wolsztyn (photo: Jacek Cieślewicz)

The steam engine house has full technical facilities, including a workshop, a roundhouse, service ducts, water tower, coal depot and more. All those can be visited, even during engine service. They also have a small museum of old railway equipment, a souvenir shop and even a few quarters. The standard is far away from a hotel, but the view on passing by steam trains is absolutely unique.

Once a year – at the turn of April and May – there is a large festival held in the steam engine house known as The Steam Locomotive Parade. It always features more than a dozen of steam engines from all around Europe. Visitors can touch them ,speak with the staff and get dirty with coal and tar. The event ends with a great sound & light spectacle “Steam, Lights and Sound”.

parowóz w Wolsztynie
Steam engine on a regular course to Poznań (photo: Jacek Cieślewicz)