Rogalin Landscape Park

28, August 2020

Rogalin Landscape Park

The Rogalin Landscape Park is located nearby the town of Rogalin, little over a dozen kilometers south of Poznań. Its biggest treasures are its oak trees, the Warta riparian forests and numerous oxbows. It is safe to say that the local cluster of common oaks is one of the largest and most precious in Europe.

Rogaliński Park Krajobrazowy. Stuletnie dęby we mgle.
One of the ancient oaks
Rogaliński Park Krajobrazowy. Rozlewiska Warty.
If you stay still you may spot some very rare birds here

This area was shaped by the glacier during the last Baltic glaciation, especially in its last phase when the glacier was retreating. The meandering Warta river added its proverbial two cents and created the lovely and vast oxbows. They are the most numerous here out of all the river course – most of them of lasting nature. There are several hundreds of ancient oaks standing inthe park – some of them having more than 800 years.

In the nearby Rogalin, the Raczyński palace with its two magnificent parks – French and English, is definitely worth visiting. The latter is home to the three famous monumental oaks – Lech, Czech and Rus, as well as oak Edward, equaling its three brothers in age, at the descent to the alluvial terrace.

The palace in Rogalin
River Warta

The park can easily be reached both by car and by bike as two cycle paths run by here – the Nadwarciański Bicycle Trail and the Konwaliowy Trail, as well as by boat or kayak (Warta is part of the Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska – the nearest marina is in Rogalinek). There are also plenty of equestrian centers nearby. In the park itself there are four designated educational paths where you can find out a lot about oaks, the forest management and protection or the ecological role of old trees.

Text: Jacek Y. Łuczak
Translation: Kaja Kurczewska