Puszcza Notecka

puszcza zielonka

14, June 2022

Puszcza Notecka

Puszcza Notecka, aka the Noteć Forest is one of the largest contiguous woodland areas in Poland, stretching for over 120 km horizontally across Wielkopolska and Lubuskie regions. although artificially grown, after being planted and organized some 80 years ago the forest is a rich and diverse habitat, full of wildlife and a great place for outdoor activities. Starting from hiking and biking on the paths, through kayaking on lakes and rivers up to the wonderful camping possibilities Puszcza Notecka is one of the favorite places to chill and run away from all the buzz in a city.

Puszcza Notecka widziana jako lasy po horyzont
The seemingly endless forest
droga przez las iglasty
A great place for off road biking

The forest is located between two large rivers: Noteć to the north (hence the name) and Warta to the south. The area is mostly dunes, formed thousands years ago in the final stage of the last ice age. Today they are all thickly covered by trees, which prevent the sand from moving. Multiple clustered lakes provide great conditions for water sports and camping, while scattered population ensure peace and quiet. Also, the forest is a popular destination form Poles’ favorite autumn activity – mushroom picking.

Puszcza Notecka is a no 1 choice for many bikers, especially those seeking some more gravel experience, however family biking is also popular due to minuscule car traffic. The international R1 biking trail crosses the forest and the trans-regional Warta Biking Trail goes along its southern part, yet there are many other local routes for minor excursions.

łoś w lesie
A good place to spot some wildlife
wschód słońca w dolinie noteci
Sunrise in the Noteć river valley

There aren’t many hotels in the area, however who would stay in a resort in such a place? For holidays in Puszcza Notecka we strongly recommend one of the many agritourism farms or small holiday villages. Many of them serve great regional cuisine, including forest fruits, local honey, game and fish from the rivers and lakes.