Przemęt Landscape Park

Przemęcki Park Krajobrazowy

27, August 2020

Przemęt Landscape Park

The Przemięt Landscape Park is located west of towns of Kościan and Leszno. It includes one of the most interesting parts of post-glacial topography in Wielkopolska. It was shaped during the last glaciation around 22 thousand years ago. These very lakes constitute the park’s most recognizable element – the largest among them being Lake Dominickie, Przemęckie and Wieleńskie. In spite of being channel lakes, they are not very deep. The deepest spot, located in Lake Dominickie, is a mere 17 meters. However, the clarity of water is undeniably perfect, up to 5 meters, which is ideal for diving and watching the underwater meadows of stonewort algae.

Przemęt Landscape Park

The “Wyspa Konwaliowa” reserve – the island of the lily-of-the-valley – on Lake Radomskie is a unique place where the blooming lilies cover the ground in a gorgeous, pink “rug”. The “Torfowisko” reserve in turn – the bog – on Lake Święte boasts rare plants such as the insectivorous round-leaf sundew or the scheuchzeria.

However, the park’s landscape is not only lakes but also sedge fen meadows, agricultural areas and forests. It is that very diversity that causes the unusual richness of the animal species in the area. The bird lovers will be delighted when they visit the Lake Trzebickie reserve (“Jezioro Trzebickie”) or the shores of lakes Górskie, Miałkie or Osłonińskie, as there they are sure to spot a white-tailed eagle, an osprey, a nightjar, a bearded reedling or the symbol of the park itself – the great crested grebe.

Konwaliowy Szlak Kajakowy
Kayaking in the park

Another interesting place to visit is in the little town of Górsko – a gallery of sculptures by the artist Marian Murek, depicting the full scale likenesses of birds residing within the park.

Those hungry for more information about the park and its fauna and flora can follow five designated educational paths. The routes of two of them lead to yet another attraction – the observation tower in Dominice. Cyclists have a few dozen kilometers of cycle paths at their disposal, and the lovers of water tourism will be very pleased with a visit to the picturesque rafting trail – Szlak Konwaliowy.

Text: Jacek Y. Łuczak
Translation: Kaja Kurczewska