Porta Posnania

brama poznania

01, September 2020

Porta Posnania

Discover places, where history of Poland began! Porta Posnania is an icredible heritage interpretation center that allows you to travel through 1000 years of history of Poznań and Poland. It is a perfect starting point for exploring the city along the Royal-Imperial Route.

The remarkable Porta Posnania symbolically connects Poznań’s oldest districts of Cathedral Island and Śródka. It attracts its visitors with a multimedia display, educational workshops, cultural events and tours. It presents the fascinating history of Cathedral Island and encourages visitors to tour it with an audio guide.

Part of the exhibition
Porta Posnania from the outside

Poznań’s Cathedral Island was once home to one of a principle settlements of the emerging state of the Piast dynasty (first Polish royal family) and place which duke Mieszko I chose as one of his capital strongholds . For more than a millennium, it has also been the site of Poland’s first Cathedral and witness of many history’s turning points. The Island’s fascinating past from the 9th century to contemporary times, shown against the backdrop of national and European developments, is the focus of a display at the Porta Posnania.

The place features interactive multimedia exhibition (kids friendly also!), an observation deck with a breathtaking panorama of the city, souvenir shop, cafe and audioguide rental. The modern building and the transparent glass bridge are Poznań’s iconic edifices.