Polish Rock Museum

01, September 2020

Polish Rock Museum

What you get if you mix Poland’s oldest rock festival and an old granary, used years ago to store grain – you get the Granary of Polish Rock – an one-of-a-kind interactive museum. Jarocin, town in southern Wielkopolska, has been since 1970 famous for the annual rock festival. Jarocin Festival or the Rythms of Young Generation was in communist Poland the only place for true freedom for both rock bands and their fans. The festival lives on (despite hard competition in modern Poland) and so lives the legend. The museum brings you the story of 60 years of Polish rock, from the 50s. to the 2010s.

The granary from the outside
Punk rock room

The museum has three levels. The ground floor houses a ticket office, educational rooms and (first of all!) a pub, where rock bands can give their concerts. The two top floors are the exhibition. You will discover the most famous stars of Polish rock n’ roll, metal, punk and even folk rock. Of course it’s not only pictures – you can listen to the records, watch concerts and even old news, claiming that rock fans are “ragged and spoiled”.

For younger visitors they also have many artifacts that nowadays may seem ancient: vinyl records, tapes, hand made badges, lyrics written in an old school notebook and also… notes made by communist police officers.

Every true fan had to have those
Let’s rock!

Never mind that you prefer Behemoth or good old Beatles, the Polish Rock Granary is a place you must see to discover and experience Polish music and contemporary culture.