Pobiedziska medieval stronghold

Gród Pobiedziska gigantyczna kusza wałowa

27, May 2021

Pobiedziska medieval stronghold

Have you ever imagined haw it was to be a medieval warrior, stationed in a mighty fortress? Well, there is a place, where you can check it out – the Pobiedziska Medieval Stronghold. Wooden palisade with dangerously looking tower, a fully equipped armory and many ready to use siege weapons. History has never been so cool!

The Pobiedziska Medieval Stronghold is not a historical monument. It’s a historical reconstruction, with every piece of equipment made basing on old planes and schematics. Because of that you may touch everything! So, why not to wear a full set of armor, swing a sword or shoot a bow? If this is not enough, then there is some heavy stuff – huge crossbows, catapults and battering rams.

If you are lucky you may also meet the owner of this place – Bartosz Styszyński, a historical reenacter and comes (commander) of the stronghold. Ask him for some epic stories or let him show how to fire a catapult. We also recommend visiting the place during one of the many events, when tens of warriors clash in battles, ride horses and compete during archery contests.