Leszno Market Square

Ratusz w Lesznie

08, September 2020

Leszno Market Square

The city of Leszno is one of the most beautiful in Wielkopolska, a major hub of the south western part of the region and a great place for o weekend city break. Once a home of four different cultures and religions it still preserves much from its history with traces of the past to be found on every step. It is best to start sightseeing from the market square, which is the vibrant heart of the city.

widok na rynek i ratusz w Lesznie
City hall in Leszno (D. Bednarek)

The first thing that will drag your attention is surely the awesome city hall from the early 18th century – the symbol of the city. The market square is surrounded by 37 colourful city houses, representing different architectural styles. The oldest one may be found under no. 29 (today it houses a hotel and a restaurant). Many of them serve today as cafes, restaurants and clubs, so don’t forget to take a break and enjoy your coffee with a great view. A few steps away from the market square, on the Słowiańska street, has its place the Tourist Information Centre, where you can buy souvenirs, postcards and books in English.

The market square is of course just the beginning. Wander around Leszno and search for the traces of four different cultures lived here together: Poles, Germans, Jews and Czechs. There are four churches, each serving once one of those communities. and one of the few remaining synagogues in Wielkopolska. North from the market square stands the palace of the Sułkowski family – the former owners of the city, secluded in a small park. Last but not least Leszno will prove awesome for street art lovers, with its many murals and graffiti. Some of those are purely artistic, while others bring back the important moments from city’s history.

The old synagogue (D. Bednarek)
Leszno street art (J. Rybicki)
The former evangelic church of the Holy Cross (J. Rybicki)

Text: Jacek Cieślewicz