Pyzdry marina na Warcie

23, April 2021


Great history in a little town, as the locals are used to say about Pyzdry. Indeed, today Pyzdry has a little more than 3000 inhabitants, but in the past it was one of the mightiest in Wielkopolska. The traces of that glorious history are to be found on every step!

Pyzdry panorama miasta
Sunrise panorama of Pyzdry

The best way to arrive to Pyzdry is by boat (or on a kayak) on the Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska. The town’s riverside panorama is awesome and they have a good marina, to make you feel comfortable. For great views you can also try the lookout point on the other side of river Warta.

Start your trip from the riverside boulevard. Make sure you find the largest mural in Wielkopolska, located at the end of it (painted on the school’s wall), which shows all the town’s history in just one scene. Look for the three witches, flying their brooms, the first cannon fired in Poland or king Casimir the Great using secret underground tunnels to escape his enemies.

Mural w Pyzdrach
The huge mural in Pyzdry

In the town visit also the two churches . The old Franciscan church leaves no doubt, that it’s a church, yet the gothic parish church – just a few steps away – looks like a castle. The real castle, or rather its ruins, lay not far away. The castle has been turned into a monastery and then into a museum.

The last stop we recommend is the old windmill on a hill. It has been carefully reconstructed and now it hosts interactive shows, which show not only how the old mills worked, but also the whole way from grain to a bread.

muzeum w Pyzdrach
The museum in Pyzdry

Text: Jacek Cieślewicz
Photo: Karol Budziński, Jacek Cieslewicz, Pyzdry town hall