Promno Landscape Park

27, August 2020

Promno Landscape Park

The area of the park in many places very closely resembles small mountains. There are many hills and elevations filled with charming lakes. This landscape has been shaped by the retreating glacier during the las ice age.

Park krajobrazowy Promno
Promno Landscape Park
Lakes in the park

Apart from the pine forests, there are also deciduous forests in this area, dominated by oaks, beeches, hornbeams, ashes and birches, as well as the protected checker tree. Some oak forests are up to 140 years old and some of the hornbeam forests even 150. The precious rich undergrowth allows for the occurrence of the so-called spring aspect – where many species of the undergrowth bloom at the same time in early spring, even before the appearance of the first leaves on trees. The 150-year-old central-European hornbeam forest of the “Las Liściasty w Promnie” reserve is under strict protection. Near lake Kazanie there are two species of insectivorous venus fly traps, and in the lakes Drążynek and Dębiniec area, there are two of Wielkopolska’s largest clusters of the sawtooth sedge. Both lakes are reserves, with additional protection over the clusters of peat bog plants in lake Drążynek. The only habitat of the hazel dormouse in Wielkopolska is also located in the Promno park.

Gród Pobiedziska gigantyczna kusza wałowa
Pobiedziska medieval stronghold

A visit to Promno landscape park can easily be combined with a sightseeing tour of Pobiedziska (an early-Gothic church from the 13th and 14th century) and the Open Air Museum of Miniatures with its exhibition of ancient and medieval warfare devices. The Piastowski Bicycle Route from Poznań to Gniezno runs through the park, and the nature path in Jezierce can also be an interesting pit stop.

Text: Jacek Y. Łuczak
Translation: Kaja Kurczewska