Poznań Bicycle Ring

rogaliński park krajobrazowy

06, April 2021

Poznań Bicycle Ring

The only of our long-distance bicycle routes, which goes in circles, making a 167-kilometers-long loop around the city of Poznań. Despite being so close to the city, it rarely crosses urban areas. On the contrary – cycling along the Poznań Ring you will pass dense forests, beautiful river Warta valley and even the Wielkopolska National Park. Also, the trail links many monuments and interesting spots, including the Kórnik Castle, the Rogalin Palace and some really old wooden churches.

pałac w rogalinie
The Rogalin Palace

The most interesting and picturesque part of trail is that running south of across the Wielkopolska National Park (be careful od some steep hills and sandy paths), the crossing the Warta river, passing the Rogalin Landscape Park (with its famous palace and 800-years-old oaks) and finally reaching the Kórnik Lake, where you will find one of the most unique castles in Wielkopolska. You should also try cycling in the Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park, north-east of Poznań. You can load you bike onto a train and get to Murowana Goślina, go cycling for few hours and then once again catch a train in Promno.

Rogalin Landscape Park
puszcza zielonka
Cycling in Puszcza Zielonka

Because the trial makes a loop there is no beginning, nor end of the trail. However, there are several smaller trails, that lead from the city center, namely from the Bicycle Trail Hub at the shores of lake Malta. Most of the trail are gravel roads (mostly in forests), the rest local paved roads with minor traffic. The trail is marked with yellow signs on packets or painted on trees.

Text: Jacek Cieślewicz