Manor in Koszuty

Dwór w Koszutach - Muzeum Ziemi Średzkiej. Widok od strony ogrodu.

29, February 2024

Manor in Koszuty

When visiting the old wooden manor in Koszuty (just 20 km south east from Poznań) you will get the feeling that the owners of that place have just left their home, leaving all the belongings as they have been in use at the very moment. This allows you to witness how the upper classes lived in the late 19th and early 20th century. The interiors have been filled with old furniture, clothes, tableware and other things. Today the manor in Koszuty is a museum, so don’t worry, nobody will be angry for browsing their things!

The manor comes from ca. 1760 and was constructed for Józef Zabłocki. The building is mostly timber and timber-framed with only some stone used in the foundations. The manor house is topped with spherical cupolas, corner alcoves and annexes between them, covered with a broken hipped roof with dormers, which took on its current shape in 1902. Surrounded by a landscape park, it is one of the most charming places in Greater Poland.

koszuty manor