konin słup drogowy

23, April 2021


Three cities inside one – that’s how we can describe Konin best. Indeed, Konin is made up from three parts: the picturesque old town, the modern industrial district and the suburbian lakeside district of Gosławice, were the Konin castle can be seen. Also we need to mention a beautiful Warta riverside and several lakes suitable for sailing. All together this makes a fascinating mix of attractions.

Ratusz w Koninie
Konin city hall

History lovers should of course start their trip from the old town. Begin at the church of Saint Bartholomew, where stands the famous Konin Pillar – the oldest road sign in Poland and probably the oldest one in Central and Northern Europe. Carved in 1151 it marks the halfway between Kalisz and Kruszwica. The church is also very interesting. From here you can proceed to the city square and the city hall of Konin and all the beautiful little houses surrounding it.

For those looking for some fun they have the riverside, where you will find some nice restaurants and cafes, places for relaxation and sport facilities. Also, the river wharf allows you to anchor a boat or launch a kayak.

bulwary w koninie
Konin riverside
Romański słup milowy w Koninie (fot. Dariusz Bednarek)
The Konin Pillar

Last but not lest is the Gosławice district, quite far to the north from the city center. Going there you will pass the industrial part of Konin. Don’t get scared by the heavy industrial complex of the Konin power plant and aluminium mill. Further you’ll find completely different landscape with an old brick castle, an astonishing gothic church of Saint Andrew and the local open air museum.

Finally, Konin is a great place for a water adventure as it is surrounded by lakes, all extremely popular for kayaks, motor boats, sailing yachts and even some other water sports like wake boarding and kitesurfing.

Jezioro Mikorzyńskie
Lake Mikorzyńskie
Żaglówki na jeziorze pątkowskim
Lake Pątnów

Text: Jacek Cieślewicz
Photo: Dariusz Bednarek, Jacek Cieślewicz, Agata Borowiec