Kłodawa Salt Mine

kłodawa kopalnia

31, August 2020

Kłodawa Salt Mine

Every one knows the famous Wieliczka salt mine, but did you know there is another open for visitors one in Wielkopolska? Even better, the Salt Mine in Kłodawa offers a completely different experience. It is a modern working facility, so no medieval constructions inside but heavy machinery instead. Moreover, reaching as deep as 600 meters underground the Kłodawa Salt Mines has the deepest tourist trail in the world!

Kłodawa Salt Mine
Real miners underground

The mine’s history dates back to 1950, when the first shafts were excavated. To this date the miners descended as deep as 750 meters underground and Kłodawa became Poland’s major salt supplier. Salt excavated in the mine is known for its beautiful color, ranging from white to pink.

The mine can be visited during guided tours. Each takes about 2 hours and takes tourists to the mine level 600 meters bellow surface. Tourists use the same corridors or elevators as the miners do, so they can easily witness how a real mine works. The trips are available only on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays.

Text: Jacek Cieślewicz