Amber Cycling Trail

08, October 2020

Amber Cycling Trail

The Amber Cycling Trail (PL: Bursztynowy Szlak Rowerowy), being about 200 kilometres long, is located in the eastern part of Wielkopolska. Its name comes from the ancient trading route connecting the Baltic Sea with the Roman Empire. Merchants dealing in amber would travel this route to bring the highly valued amber to the Romans.

Kalisz from above
Kalisz from above
the licheń basilica
The Licheń Basilica

The trail starts in Syców, a town just outside the southern border of Wielkopolska. It leads through Kobyla Góra, the region’s highest elevation and Parzynów with its lovely wooden church. Further the trail leads to Kalisz, considered the most important settlement in the whole ancient Amber Trail – mentioned by ancient geographer Ptolemy. Kalisz offers enough attractions and experience to suit you for a couple of days. From wonderful sights, through lovely small cafes on the market square to the must-have andruty kaliskie (local sweet wafers).

The next noteworthy stops on the trail are: Russów with the residence of Polish author Maria Dąbrowska and Stawiszyn with the monumental Gothic church. In Konin stands the Konin Sandstone Pilar – one of the Europe’s oldest road signs. In the nearby Licheń Stary, one may see the famous basilica – the sixth largest church in the world.

Kalisz city park
Kalisz city park and theatre

The Trail is marked with the abbreviation BSR on the map, and in the area with a black sign of a bicycle on a white background with a green directional sign.

Text: Jacek Łuczak, Jacek Cieślewicz